About Ghetto Golf - Ghetto Golf

About Ghetto Golf


We thought we’d start off with a little bit of info about what we do and why we’re called Ghetto Golf!!

Our concept combines crazy golf, theatre, cocktails and DJ’s in an art infused environment that showcases the very best street art and their writers.

Our name is an ode to the origins of street art. In the 1960’s Darryl Mcray better known as ‘Cornbread’ began writing on street and subway walls in a Philadelphia ghetto leaving messages for a girl he was pursuing and trying to impress. Cornbread would simply write ‘Cornbread loves Cynthia’!

This led to others writing their ‘tag names’ on walls. Eventually using the cheapest materials possible (paint and a brush), artists began to compose creative pieces on any and all available space the city had to offer, be it legal or not!! (the brushes were later swapped for spray cans)

The craze spread like wild fire and that what was it, graffiti as we know it today was born.

Shout out to Cornbread and Cool Earl.

If you read all of that, fair play and now you may understand more about us and our love of Street art.